I was inspired by a family member who manages databases to take on the SQL challenge! I used Khan academy to learn, and my project is done on khan academy as well!

What it does

This is the Khan Academy assignment: Create your own store! Your store should sell one type of things, like clothing or bikes, whatever you want your store to specialize in. You should have a table for all the items in your store, and at least 5 columns for the kind of data you think you'd need to store. You should sell at least 15 items, and use select statements to order your items by price and show at least one statistic about the items.

How I built it

SQL, via the Khan Academy Website

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning a bit of SQL!

What we learned

I learned SQL, and some of its applications.

What's next for Design a Store Database

I hope to continue the Khan Academy Course and keep learning about data!

Built With

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