My app idea – When I visited this country I went thru the difficulty of finding Indian Restaurant / Vegetarian Restaurants & I was not used to international food taste. Especially if you don’t know what all ingredients the food is prepare with; what if you are very sensitive to allergic, avoid certain things due to religious beliefs etc., With better UX design and easy to use I’m sure South Asian food lover will like this app.

What it does

This app shows lists all the India, Pakistan & Bangladesh restaurants. Shows Deals & Gift Certificated provided by Yelp API. And you can get all the details of restaurant and also the reviews provided by yelp users.

How I built it

IONIC Framework, Cordova (PhoneGap) & AngularJS.

Challenges I ran into

Not really; Yelp API is very straight forward to use. I just started this app developed few days ago; Have had more time I would have implemented search feature & few other etc.,

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In such short time I was able to developed single handed complete app and proud to server the offshore restaurant listing to fellow citizens of my home country & neighboring country.

What I learned

How to integrate third party API. R&D different UX design.

What's next for Desi Restaurant Finder

I would like to take it to next level and add few additional features like Search, Sort by Deal / Distance / Rating etc.,

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