The year 2020 has been really difficult for everyone across the world. When we were brainstorming for ideas, we realized, there are many who lost their job during covid 19, and unemployment has been an issue for mankind over centuries now. So in response to that, we came up with an idea of connecting unemployed people to get work to live a sober life.

What it does

There are 2 options from where one can either be a helper by posting what he is available to do for which how much he is willing to get paid and get help where someone can search by either work or payment for what they need to be done.

How we built it

The program was built using Angular, NodeJS, MySQL, and Gooogle Cloud. We also made a version of the web app for Android using Java.

Challenges I ran into

The first and hardest task was to communicate with the team about any problem during the hackathon as no one is physically present to call on and ask questions. Different people had different skill sets to offer, so it took a good amount of time to divide the task. We managed to overcome almost every problem through proper team management and extensive research.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

The amount of content we had to learn about web development was our favorite accomplishment. We were really happy to have completed a product from scratch. The addition of creating a phone app for our project was the cherry on top.

What I learned

  1. Learned about node.js, MySQL, and Angular
  2. How to deploy the scalable application
  3. benefits of teamwork
  4. Importance of accessibility in User Experience design of a website

What's next for DesHire

An app like ours has huge potential. In the future, we are thinking of having our own server, fully functional payment system, and release the app for all other platforms.

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