Once i heard about the kin challenge, i know i was late, but still thought of giving a try by developing a game, where user will be encourage to play the game by it's one tap game play.

What it does.

Once user start's the game, it will have one quad bike already unlocked and a dedicated path to drive on. User will have to escape from the hurdles on the way, which user will have to save from. It will also have coin's in their path to collect and it will help to increase the score and buy kins to unlock more quad bikes from the store.

How I built it.

We have used Unity Technology to built this game, as it's the best game engine to develop games. The outcome of unity will be over both mobile os platforms that is Android and iOS.

Challenges I ran into.

The first challenge which we came across was to understand the kin SDK and all the error codes while working with the demo project. Once we understood, it was swift transition from the demo to the main game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of.

Attempting to still give a try at this stage of a competition and having confidence on the game to perform as expected.

What I learned.

The best i learned from the entire development approach is Kin.

What's next for Desert Escape

Additional new ways to integrate kin transaction's, by introduction more unlocking options for user to play from.

Built With

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