We understand that the online travel market is evolving quickly and new technologies are changing the way travelers shops for their trips. Because of that, is important for the travel agents to follow new trends and help travelers to find the best travel destinations and things to do there.

That’s why we created Desbravo, to help travel agents to find the best destinations, tours and housing for their costumers, so they can positioned themselves as travel consults and can differentiate their work from the online companies that sell standard packages

What it does

Based on travel dates and costumers profile (defined by tags) Desbravo will suggest travel destinations with plane tickets (using sabre’s APIs) and the best tours and activities (using Razoom’s API).

After selecting destination and tours, the travel agent will be able to send a proposal for his costumers and wait for approval and payment.

How I built it

Using Sabre’s API for plane search and prices and Razoom’s API to find the best tours. We developed the solution using ruby on rails.

Challenges I ran into

integration with a new API plan a functional product with a short period of time execute a project fast and making sure that the MPV is delivering the expected value

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

launching the platform. For sure that was the fastest product we ever launched; we believe that our product addresses solutions to our costumers and can be a very successful product. We tried to create something aligned with our business and we thing that we make it.

What I learned

less is always better deliver fast, deliver good

What's next for desbravo

launching to the market

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