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What is this 😆😆

Desaku is a platform to introduce products and skills from every village in Indonesia. With learning and E Commerce features.

We have program #SatuDesaSatuProduk that local residents develop a product or service that will become a unique product and the pride of their local area, so that it has competitive value in both national and global markets. With this program Indonesia will advance in the creative economy

Inspiration 🔥🔥🔥

In 2019 Indonesia has a total of 74,954 villages, but 55,369 are still classified as developing villages, even as many as 14,461 are still underdeveloped villages, and only 5,606 independent villages.

Of the 74 thousand villages in Indonesia, how many village products do we know? Only a handful of products can be marketed outside the city. The potential of this village must be explored continuously to become an economically independent village.

For this reason, desaku took the initiative, to participate in helping UMKM in the village so that their products are famous and can go international. #desagointernational

To make this happen, we have a #SatuDesaSatuProduk program, with the #SatuDesaSatuProduk program, we believe that if one village has one product, it is no longer a dream for all villages in Indonesia to be economically independent, and Indonesia will be more advanced.

What the impact ✨✨✨✨

Increase Village Income

With Desaku the Village Government can sell their village-specific skills here

Introducing Village Specific Skills

Desaku Will Promote Village Skills to the World So that it can be known to the wider community

Village Community Empowerment

With Desau, people can learn more about the skills they want to learn online and offline

Improve the Economy of Village Communities

With my village, people can do economic activities online, practically and easily

How we build it ☕☕

Svelte is a compiler

Most of the frameworks like React, Vue, etc. Including large enough runtime code in the production bundle to support their features, but Svelte is not a runtime frame but a compile time frame.

Small Bundles

Svelte will produce a relatively smaller bundle size than other UI frameworks, so the time it takes for the browser to download our application assets is faster.

Less Code

Less code to read means less code to understand, it also means less room for bugs to hide 🤣

Blazing Fastt !!

A few days ago I read a blog about performance problems in the Tokopedia application, and interestingly the Tokopedia engineering team used Svelte as a solution, from 320 kB (React) to 37 kB (Svelte), the audit performance reached 97 and could be interactive within 3.5 seconds 😮 You can read the blog here:

In Rich Harris's presentation entitled "Rethinking Reactivity", there he talked about application performance problems that had been surveyed by Svelte, one of which was Stone, a company in Brazil that made a POS (Point of Sales) System with more than 200,000 devices, they have tried build applications using React, Vue and other UI Framework but they are still not satisfied with the performance, after they tried to build it using Svelte, Boom !! the performance problem has been resolved

What's Next for Desaku ?😁😁

We will perform Usability Testing on users, and lobby to cooperate with the village government. For starters, we will conduct research in Central Java.

If we success in Central Java, with Asyncronus product development we will expand partners throughout Indonesia



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  • svelte
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