We got inspired by desktop pets applications such as Desktop Goose and eSheep 64bit. We always wondered how the virtual pet is able to interact with the Windows environment and applications. Thus, we felt this was a perfect time to explore and make a mini desktop pet for ourselves!

What it does

Derpat is a desktop pet that will reduce your productivity to an all-time low.

It can open memes, text files, track footprints all over your screen, push your application window around, steal your mouse and just be a total menace.

But it is very adorable, and thus all is forgiven.

How we built it

We built it in Python using tkinter, a GUI toolkit that allows us to render images on the screen and even interact with them.

Challenges we ran into

We were not used to Python syntax (most of us frequently use Java/C++/C# instead) and thus was met with a lot of syntax errors. Not to forget data types.

Tkinter was also a pain to work with due to its scarce amount of documentation and thus, we had a lot of issues with it too.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can't believe we were able to get a working product done within 24 hours. All of us had 0 ideas on even where to begin developing a desktop pet. However, just within 24 hours, we not only learn how to code in Python from scratch but was also able to develop a working product.

We're really proud of ourselves. It feels amazing to watch the little cat/dog/animal thing? Work and push around applications around.

What we learned

We learned more about Python and how to develop an application that interacts with the Windows environment with it.

What's next for Derpat (Derpy Cat)

Firstly, it'll definitely be cleaning up our codes and especially our file management structure.

We also plan on adding more behavioural states for Derpat, and also using a JSON file to store certain variables and attributes for our application. For example, an image file path could be stored in the JSON file, this will also allow people to be able to add their own art assets and modify certain behaviours more easily.

We also plan to add other variations of the pet. Currently, our next stretch goal would be to see if we are able to add some anime characters as virtual desktop companions ;)


Do download our application and try it out! Don't worry our project is safe and Derpat is relatively harmless besides maybe giving you a slight migraine UwU

Download exe Github repo

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