The original idea for this project came to me (Darius) as my firm had issues with some clients where the work description and agreement was not documented. In order to make a more trustless agreement that can be viewed by anyone, and function as a Business to Employee payroll system. The long term goal would be to create a payroll system on-chain that could cater to businesses and employees from many different industries, with different payment types, such as time based(weekly, bi-weekly), project based or hour based etc...

What it does

The demo will allow any user to create a contract with another user via their EVM address, with a work description and a payment deposit, which is similar to escrow.

Long term, this would be a way to have entire payroll systems in a standardized structure, which could have hundreds to thousands of individual employees being part of the contract, and be paid in a decentralized manner. This would completly eliminate banks, payment systems such as visa, mastercard and others, which reduces chokepoints in the payments being made, which in turn reduces the chance of errors.

How we built it

The Demo uses a solidity smart contract to keep track of all the contracts been workers and businesses, it also serves as a holder of funds while the work is being completed. While the smart contract can be interacted with using platforms such as Remix, we also created a simple page for the demo where users may create new work contracts, view their existing contracts, and confirm the completion of contracts.

Challenges we ran into

*During the start of the hackathon, plans changed very quickly. The most difficult was two web devs that we're very keen on working with us to create our frontend, decided to not participate out of the blue. We had to divide the work and simplify our frontend to meet our goals. Additionally, due to certain circumstances, our team did not get much quality rest, so we have been working on fumes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We hope to have a fully working demo by the submission time, which would be an amazing accomplishment, not only because of the time constraints but because of other factors as-well, which shows the dedication we have to pushing this out as best we can.

What we learned

Everyone on our team learned to quickly adapt when things go wrong, to not give up and to continue working hard. Each one of us had to alter our skills to fit the requirements of what we needed to achieve our goals.

What's next for DeRoll

After the hackathon, our team will meet and decide how, if we do, move forward with DeRoll. We believe it is a breakthrough which can disrupt the current payroll infrastructure by making payroll easier, more accessible, cheaper and faster.

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