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You make 35000 decisions each day - [derma relief] uses AR to help you make better ones; for your skin, for your health, and for the world - one product at a time.

Olivia, one of our teammates, had serious allergic reactions to her sunscreen, but had no idea what ingredients were causing them. Looking at the back for the list of ingredients only confused her more. When she searched on Google for one of the ingredients, she was shocked to find out that her sunscreen was also causing damage to coral reefs and killing aquatic habitats.

The fact is, most people don't read the ingredients list, and even if they do, they don't know what each ingredient does. Adding to that is the fact that many people have allergies, and most of them don't know why. The facts: According to our user survey (n = 68 responses, blinded, anonymized, multiple platforms), 59% of users don't read the ingredients, and 86% of respondents didn't know what was causing their allergies. Our small study is corroborated by others: link

We wanted to fix that.

Using an easy, visual way (AR), we wanted to help people like Olivia make quick, smart, sustainable purchase decisions that are tailored exactly to their personal environmental concerns and allergies, while making shopping more fun and interactive.

Why the user survey influenced us to do exactly what we did

Our user survey genuinely surprised us. We found out that the most common influence in cosmetic purchase decisions was friend recommendations (65%), while asking the pharmacist (experts) only accounted for 8%.

That's why we chose a mobile app. An app makes it easy to have features that

  1. provide visual product information with AR
  2. login / account system
  3. track your personal set of allergies
  4. purchase history
  5. connect to social media/recommend items
  6. add to shopping cart and checkout
  7. see detailed product info and search for products instantly
  8. news feed of expert and friend recommendations based on your allergies and skin type
  9. get geofenced alerts and reminders


  • An ingredient list is long, hard to read, and confusing.
  • Our AR provides a visual way to represent allergies and environmental impact, along with a Matching Score based on allergies and friends' recommendations, inspired by Netflix's matching system.

User Profile/Login System

  • You are unique. Your allergies and skin type should be able to influence your decisions.

News Feed

  • Consulting a pharmacist and dermatologist is the best way to understand your skin as they have expert knowledge of chemicals. We provide a platform for verified professionals to recommend products that match to your profile using AI.
  • Friends play a large factor in the trustworthiness of a product. Their recos are shown in the feed.
  • Distinguish between friends and verified experts in the newsfeed

What it does

[derma relief] provides personalized matches to products using AR cards (see gallery), making it easy to scan a shelf of products for one that uniquely matches you. Our features:

  • personalized AR cards w/ match, allergy, and environmental info
  • shopping cart & checkout
  • news feed (friend, expert)
  • purchase history + new allergy alert
  • share to social media
  • detailed product pages
  • geofenced shopping notifications
  • product ratings system

How we built it

  • 3D models: Blender and Cinema4D
  • Wireframing: Figma
  • AR: Flutter (Dart) w/ Sceneform, ARCore plugins, in VSCode w/ Android Studio SDKs
  • UI: Flutter w/ material UI plug-ins in VSCode w/ Android Studio SDKs
  • Authentication/User database: Firebase & Auth, Firestore
  • Collaboration: VSCode liveshare, GitHub, Figma jamboard
  • User Survey: Google Survey
  • Pitch Deck: Figma prez plugin

Challenges we ran into

  • coordinating over 3 different time zones (ET, IST, MST) spanning 12 hours
  • AR .obj files not rendering as .sfa due to deprecated sceneform plugins
  • no to little flutter experience
  • first time learning AR
  • installing flutter, android studio on mac, windows for android
  • 2 members of our team were coding blind (no androids)
  • user research survey time constraints
  • Sarthak's first hackathon

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting AR working!!!
  • Getting a login system working
  • User-first development w/ survey + market research :)))
  • Learning a lot about people's product decisions
  • Becoming friends :)

What we learned

  • Blender 3D & Cinema4D
  • Flutter + Dart
  • AR models and texturing
  • Firebase/Auth
  • Firestore

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