We were inspired by the retro movie Tron and a love for all things racing.

What it does

DEREZ combines the thrill of first person view car racing with the power of mixed reality. How it works is we are able to render an augmented reality race course for an RC var, visible through an Oculus Rift. The user can use their phone to set the start and end points, obstacles, and other features of the racing experience, and then see those things as they race in first person view using the RC car.

How we built it

We used ARCore plus a phone to render the augmented reality objects, and then the Oculus to see them in real time as you race.

Challenges we ran into

We originally were planning on using a drone instead of a car for the project, but due to adverse weather conditions had to pivot.

What's next for DEREZ

We plan to expand from RC car racing to a multitude of applications- this technology can be applied to military drones, submarines, or really any vehicle or device with a first person view camera.

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