DeReit is a decentralized platform for buying real estate properties via the Ethereum blockchain. It allows investors to diversify their exposure to the real estate market with low capital and minimum risk.

  • DeReit grabs the real estate related data from the outside world and feeds the data in the smart contract with the help of external adapters
  • https://github.com/SagarBehara13/realEstate-adaptar The external Adapter that feeds the data.

  • DeReit calculates the amount of tokens generation on the basis of real estate properties surface area.
  • Tokens minted can be bought and the bought addresses are termed as shareholders.
  • On the basis of a share(token) possessed by the user, The monthly rent is distributed to the users.

  • DeReit has a user interface to mint, buy, view the tokenized property.
  • https://github.com/adamazad/dereit-web The frontend for DeReit.

Challenges we faced

  • It's not easy to find real estate data as per the requirement.
  • So we made our own API server that stores data on the cloud and deployed it on Heroku.
  • We made an external adapter that grabs data from the server and asked a chainlink node operator to host our adapter.
  • Once the adapter and API server were in place the chainlink request was not responding on the truffle.
  • Finally the dapp were seamlessly working in the remix editor.

What we learned

  • How does chainlink node works.
  • Creation of external adapters.
  • How can our smart contract communicate with the outside world.
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