Our team, the Purdue Pals, feels that we can speak for everyone when we say, "We want to be billionaires, so frickin' bad." With the motto, "time is money", our team has taken every measure to create an application for the general public with the interest of making your dreams a reality. Because of the resources and support that DerbyHacks has provided to us, we were able to create CryptoTax, an all original, time-saving entity. This revolutionary tool has the power to automatically add cryptocurrency transactions to your tax forms. Tested by selling our own bitcoin stock, we can confirm that our efforts with CryptoTax have been a success, and it will continue to grow more efficient and accessible as we continue to improve the project after DerbyHacks. The Purdue Pals project was passionately created by the people, for the people, because we understand the correlation between time, money, and the pursuit of happiness. Enjoy!

Now let's talk about the tech. APIs: coinbase google drive

Stack: python 3.6 node.js

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