We had a bunch of Arduinos, and an analog stick, as well as wifi peer to peer communicator chips.

What it does

Wirelessly driven car with bi-directional controls as well as varying speeds. All the parts together create a 2 player objective based game. The driver collects 3D printed magnetic pucks, while the other player tries to blast them with a laser 4 times before they can pick up all the pucks.

How I built it

We put together all the mechanical and electrical components along with the code over the course of all 24 hours.

Challenges I ran into

The wifi controls are really difficult to get working. We tried and failed for at least 4 hours, but managed to do it in the end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The wifi controls work pretty well now. Definitely a lot better than the IR remote controls we had set up in the meantime, which was also kinda difficult. We are also proud of how we designed and printed effective components using rapid prototyping techniques.

What I learned

wifi boards require precise setup and careful attention to detail with all of the many connectors each one has. Also, we can do pretty much anything with our arduinos, a 3D printer to mount servos and motors precisely where we need them, and the other wiring components. We even actuated our laser pointer's button with a servo to give us more control over how much the second player can use it.

What's next for Derby Blaster

autonomous control with distance sensors, and positioning feedback.

Built With

  • 3-arduinos
  • breadboards
  • buttons
  • h-bridges
  • high-power-laser-pointer
  • joystick
  • leds
  • magnets
  • motors
  • mountain-dew
  • servos
  • tons-of-3d-printed-parts-designed-today
  • tons-of-jumper-cabes
  • wifi-chips
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