Waiting too long for food

How it works

Scanning QR codes

Challenges I ran into

There were difficulties integrating using remote database server on AWS. There were constant connection refusals, which we suspect are due to the IP range of the wi-fi available at the venue. It worked well through a VPN in the end, but again - not everyone of us could connect to it, which forced us to use a localhost database and synchronise manually.

The queuing system was made using polling through AJAX requests, which was difficult to code in general.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

At the outset we were pessimistic of our abilities to implement this. Integrating the APIs and taking it to the end felt like an achievement.

What I learned

Learned more about the security zones of AWS, in particular that the MySQL port should be open to all traffic.

Javascript === vs == operator.

What's next for deQR

It is possible to scan a QR code directly from a website, by having it access the phone's camera. Implementing this would free the users form relying on a QR scanner app.

Integrating with the twilio API in the future could allow us to send text messages to alert users of their turn. Currently we rely on them keeping the website open in their phone's browser.

The prices for jumping the queue are non-negotiable. It would be an improvement to have bidding on queue spots, as well as giving the merchant and queuers more information about the progress.

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