When I went for my first day working at a part time company, I was requested to fix a new drawer that my boss had just bought. It was a product from a third party furniture company. The manual for assembling the furniture was too challenging for me, as I had never assembled one before. I wished I could try building the furniture without risking damaging it, and so, the idea was formed.

What it does

The user will be situated in a house. They can select different types of furniture to construct. A step by step process will be ran for the user, and guides will be shown to assist the user. After constructing, they can place it anywhere in the house, and adjust different environmental settings like time of day and interior lighting, so they can realistically preview the furniture in different environments.

How we built it

We had one member tasked to gather assets to create a small room in an apartment with a number of furniture to be played around. Another one focused on VR interactions in the game, environment lighting and room lighting. The remaining two focused on the construction feature of the furniture. Using Unity as the game engine and many other tools available to us, we managed to build the project under 24 hours.

Challenges I ran into

Finding the balance of rest and work, so that I had energy to work in the long run and maximize the duration of which work is done. Maximizing time allocated by balancing the workload among team members. Estimating quality of work that can be achieved within the given time limit to ensure the project is not over scoped.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managing to build a fun, interesting and potentially marketable product within a short span of time.

What we've learned

Learning how to manage time properly. Learning tips and tricks on workflow in a Hackathon.

What's next for Depressito

Explorer our interest in the field.

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