Depression Destroyer

Why We Made This

We chose to make this project because we believe that there needs to be more fun in the world, and we wanted to have fun while making a project that would make teens laugh. With all the terrible things going on in the world, there needs to be something for people who are feeling down and need something happy.

How We Built

We used Java to build the UI and design the features of the Depression Destroyer. On the backend, we set up a server to continually feed fun and random insults and compliments.

Challenges We Faced

We had a lot of issues syncing the server to the program, and getting the logic to work perfectly was a struggle as well, but at the end, we succeeded, and created a successful program.

Welcome to Depression Destroyer, an application designed to help those who feel like they are too arrogant or sad (Or those looking for a few laughs). This project is broken up into the client, located here, and the server, which provides a wide range of fun and colorful insults & compliments.

Upon opening the client, you will see a smiling Donald Duck, introducing you to the Depression Destroyer. There are 4 main settings you can choose from: Yo Mama, Old Timey, Rare, and Cringe! There's also generic compliments & insults.

After clicking one of the settings (or none at all), you can request a compliment or insult, which is provided by our server.

This is just a fun project, and I hope you won't take offense to the insults that may appear.

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