Depression is more common than we can ever think. Some people did not really understand why they are depressed and they did not believe they are or felt uncomfortable talking about this. Instead, a lot people are passionate about voicing their feeling on social media posts instead.

What it does

Therefore, we created a web application that take user pictures and their recent posts from Social media (Facebook), to self detect your own level of depression. We believe it can help people to understand a bit more about themselves and hope they can also take a better care of themselves

How we built it

We used Facebook Graph API for user login and get the data (pictures and posts) from the user. In order to study the user depression level, we used Microsoft Cognitive Service to analyze emotion on the face for the pictures and we also used TextAnalytics to help detect sentiment on the user's latest posts.

Challenges we ran into

The Facebook Graph API was limited. The data would have been more accurate if the Graph API provided us more information of the user to analyze.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished it!!!

What we learned

What's next for Depression Detector

We hope you implement with other social media network. We hope want to add chat bot for the user who have high depression in order to help the user cheer up.

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