Inspiration :

The cases of depression is increasing now a days.Even the school going students are facing depression. So I thought of designing a twitter bot and website with chatbot that will help depressed people .

What it does :

There is a twitter bot named Depress_Helper which I made during this hackathon . It is designed using python libraries such that it automatically likes and retweets the depressed tweet. With this the professional volunteers can directly visit the bot profile and can contact and help depressed people.

Also there is a link of 'You are Fighter' on twitterbot profile which contains various sections with curated list of resources like songs, motivational videos, jokes, books and motivational quotes that will help depressed people to feel better.

There is a chatbot named 'YourFriendBot' that is programmed in a way to answer the questions the depressed person usually have.

You can see the website at :

Twitter bot :

How I built it :

I have used twitter developer account to create the twitter bot, and it is programmed using python and python libraries to retweet and like the depressed tweets.

The website is built with html, css and hosted using GitHub pages.

The chatbot is built with Google cloud, Dialogflow and botcopy is used for improving the ui of chatbot

Challenges I ran into :

Helping the depressed people by providing resources and a chat bot friend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of :

I learned how to use Google cloud , Dialogflow , twitter bot , chatbot and creating website and implementing everything I have planned in less than 36 hours .

What I learned :

I learnt how to make twitter bot and host it on server, how to make chat bot and integrate into website, and how to use Google Cloud and Dialogflow in less than 36 hours. I learnt video editing and done it for first time .

What's next for Depress-Helper

With the help of psychiatrists, doctors, and professionals the chatbot will be improvised , and more queries will be feed to it to answer almost all questions .

A language translator so that user can interact in any language.

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