How did this all happened?

This story began as the Oasis promotion with THUBA(Tsinghua University Blockchain Association). A group of students in Tsinghua University found strong interest in this hackathon and decided to group together to have a try.

The first team meeting

At the first online meeting we discussed a lot about this hackathon and proposed a variety of ideas. We all agreed to make an DeFi project but cannot figure out which one is better or are there any idea better than these two: 1.Make an Web3 trading-maker 2.Make a complex model that is similar to structural-deposit. Both are good proposal but we felt unsure at the beginning, so we decided to take an investigation on that.

This meeting is important because we got to know each other and made job assigned to everyone. From this point we get to the start of our journey.

Setbacks and internal disorganization

After careful investigation we finally decided to take on this “Deposit” project. We made this decision because it really aim to solve some problem that is valid to everyone investing in crypto ecosystem. The problem is the uncertainty of coin prize, this became especially urgent in the time when account holders doesn’t have enough energy to adjust their portfolio. The other reason is that this mechanism is much easier than other stuff, we can work this out within the duration of the competition.

But there are 5 partners left the group since this day, we have only 5 people left. To generate our project we have to ask around our relationships whether they know anyone who can do UI/UX design or Solidity development. This is not easy since there are not so many developers in Solidity. We eventually made it to find some developers and made up a team of 7.

We then organized this project again, finding that simply copying structural deposit can be very naïve. The crypto world have a lot difference to the real world, we have to adjust the program to a more Web3 way.

The meeting was held regularly every two days. After an job assign the project went well. There are time when technically the project cannot move on, but we managed to get through those time. Thanks to our teammates, we are a team after all.

Conclusion, outcome and benefit

This project comes to an end when I am writing this article. For these weeks we have been working on the same project in peace and harmony. Everyone have made their contribution and gained their benefits. We prepared ourselves for the future challenges by participating in this exciting hackathon. Thanks to OASIS for preparing this for us and thanks to our teammates for their hard work. We hope this project can bring light to the whole Web3 system and to the whole human society.

Deposit Team

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