Inspiration was requirement where i need to run one node/part of the bot on some particular working day/s. and avoid on other days

What it does is it will check TODAY is

1) Particular working day of current month Eg: 1st or Last or 15th or 7th etc 2) Last working day of current month 3) Day Range Eg: Present day falling among 2-5th or 15-20th working days 4) Considers Local Holidays as NON working days (Other than SAT and SUNDAYs)

How I built it is using simple syntax to know today is working day or not and making it adjustable to know particular day of the month also range of the days.

Challenges I ran into were to find range of the working days of the month

Accomplishments that I'm proud of achieving what i thought of doing a working day checker on which will carry further dependencies on working day checker with ease.

What I learned is developing reusable components are always counters our thought when checking different possibilities and to tackle the same with logic to build upon.

What's next for DepenDays - Flexible working day checker is to build a component based on YEAR(365 days) considering. eg: To check today is which working day of the YEAR.

Built With

  • .vb
  • uipath
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