My Story of Building this Platform / Web App

Idea Inception

The idea of building such a platform came into my mind when I was on a trip via train. I saw many children begging and lonely, I asked one of those innocent children about themselves and their family, most of them were very shy and did't know even their parents. I than began my research on the this situation I facts I found were astonishing -


  • Each year, one lakh children go missing in India — that’s one child every eight minutes. And despite the notable efforts of some, a missing child rarely comes home.

  • Even if these children are seen it is not reported by a person either due to non-identification, fear of getting stuck in police chaos etc.


  • The unavailability of an application which helps search a lost child with the help of the photo of lost child inspired me to develop an application which will use image recognition algorithms to match the lost child image with found child image accurately and then will notify the guardian/parent. This also considerably reduces the time for the relevant information to reach the affected citizen.The information supplied by the citizen would be made available for public view after quick moderation, thereby saving them valuable time. I have created an application where any citizen can register with the portal and provide information about a missing or sighted child, without waiting to complete the legal formalities.

How I Built It and Challenges I Faced

  • I have built the back-end it on Python as it requires Image Recognition, I am a Data Science enthusiast so in decided to use machine learning algorithms like KNN and Convolutional Neural Networks but the end deploying such a bulky algorithm was out of expertise so I ended up using some good Python Libraries for the same.
  • For storing the information I have used MongoDB for ease of storing and images and variety data.
  • For the front-end part as I am familiar with the Angular very well and its ease of conversion to a PWA
  • The demo website is hosted on the Google Firebase.
  • The App will send an email to the respective parent/guardian if the child is found
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