was created to solve a frustration that beginning developers usually have -- when they realize that they must manage infrastructure themselves, things get a lot harder. fixes all of that. With a real-time collaborative editor, you are able to easily code with a mentor or friend. With a one-click deploy, it's incredibly easy to get your app up and running.

In the background, is creating DigitalOcean droplets for each project, and using the Namecheap API to assign a subdomain to each project. We used Puppet to install any packages required for a project, and ssh/rsync to deploy the application. All data is stored in Firebase, so most actions take effect almost immediately. This combination of technologies makes a great way for a developer who's just learning to build and deploy an application.

To increase productivity, integrates with the Moxtra API, and lets you video chat and screenshare while you are developing.

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