Team Name: M3

Team Members Full Name: Syamsundar Menon Murali Mohan, Muhammad Aleef bin Abdul Rahman, Kudzai Chikondo Beta

Team Lead’s Name:Kudzai Chikondo Beta

Define the problem

Mosquitoes are regarded as one of the deadliest animals on the planet. They are attracted to CO2 and body odour, which humans excrete through the nose and armpits, respectively. The aim is to reduce the negative impacts of mosquito-induced infections and nuisance among human society, by applying innovative solutions to repel mosquitoes.

Describe your big idea (what is the vision?)

To use Roll-on/Deodorant/Body Spray infused with essential oils that repel mosquitoes.

Describe and illustrate (if possible) your proposed solution

Infusing essential oils into a body deodorant as an alternative and yielding comparable results to current commercial repellents containing DEET.

What is the core foundation of your research?

Optimising the use of the active ingredient in repelling mosquitoes in everyday body odour products. Investigating the efficacy of various essential oils in repelling mosquitoes.

Describe who you think your end-user and/or paying customer could be.

People living in areas with high mosquito infestations (Swamp areas, Wetlands, etc.)

Describe your Technology Readiness Level or Research Literature Level.

Idea Development phase. Though our idea is at the development phase the technology, products and techniques to complete this task are readily available.

Describe the top three critical hypotheses you want to explore.

A. i.Testing the compatibility of essential oils being incorporated into deodorant/roll-on products, initially using a homemade formula for the deodorant. ii. Evaluating the effectiveness of various doses of essential oils in repelling mosquitoes to ensure comparability to current repellents iii. Evaluating the duration of effectiveness of the repelling deodorant to ensure comparability to current repellents

Testing: The above hypotheses will be tested using three methods to determine the feasibility of essential oils infused mosquito-repelling deodorants. The cage method which involves placing an uncovered arm into a transparent container filled with mosquitoes. Field testing method which involves spraying an individual with the mosquito repelling deodorant, and then standing in a mosquito-infested area. Gas spectrometry method which is used to determine the chemical composition of the repelling deodorant. A combination of these three methods will assist in determining the effectiveness and duration capabilities of essential oils incorporated in deodorant formulations. Given that there are several essential oils used to repel mosquitoes, initially, laboratory testing using the cage method will be conducted, to determine the effectiveness of the various combinations of the deodorant formulations. This will assist in reducing the number of combinations based on effectiveness during cage method testing. Field testing by the team members will then follow, to determine effectiveness in repelling mosquitoes across the entire body. Once the final formulations of the deodorant have been determined, volunteers will then conduct field testing to provide a proof of concept. Parameters including but not limited to: range of effect of the deodorant repellant, duration (half-life), the effectiveness of the product by comparing mosquitoes around a person before and after application, will be considered.

B. Upon successful completion of testing, commercialisation and distribution options of the product will be assessed and pursued.

Describe how would use the funding to progress your hypotheses

Period: 5 months - 3 months for research testing, 1 month for product testing, 1 month for distribution Budget: Buying Essential oils and deodorant ingredients approximately $1000, the buying/making cage $100, bottle + other stuff $100

What you’ve done to date, including challenges and wins?

Initial Literature review of current research in the relevant areas has been conducted to assess suitable candidates of essential oils to infuse into deodorants and the techniques to produce deodorants

Why your idea is an unconventional or creative approach to the problem?

It provides body odour control as well as repelling mosquitoes.

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