Learning theoretically about dental procedures does not usually provide a convincing picture to the students new to the field of dentistry. Our VR training simulator will provide them a platform to practice their craft without the fear of making mistakes. We believe that true learning is always achieved when one learns from his/her mistakes. But, the stakes are too high when dealing with real life patients. Our VR training sim will allow budding future dentists to train in an environment where they are free to make mistakes and learn through them, all while making sure no actual patients get hurt!

What it does

Simulates a dental office where the user acts as a practicing dentist. In this environment the user has to follow a particular set of steps to perform a dental cavity filling on an infected tooth.

How we built it

  • Consulted with a dentist to lay out the procedure for dental cavity filling procedure.
  • Models generated using Blender, Fusion 360, Makehuman and 3dsMax
  • Scripting done using C# in Unity


  • Dental Chair (Downloaded from Free3D)
  • Room
  • Table
  • Monitor
  • Dental Drill
  • Dental spoon excavator
  • Human Jaw with teeth
  • Menu scene from VRSamples (Free)

Challenges we ran into

  • Fitting all the work in the given time
  • Interference from other VIVE setups in the room
  • Precision required for dental models is challenging to replicate with current VR tools
  • Creating good quality low poly models for VR

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Team formation to bring in the right folks for the project
  • A fun environment within the team
  • Project moving along a steady clip, realizing milestones as we planned
  • Haptic interactions modeled for dental tools
  • Realistic dental drill sound incorporated

What we learned

  • Team effort required to realize a creative project
  • No work is too small!
  • Learning from the guys who are great at the skills they bring to the table
  • VR is awesome but there is still some ways to go for it to really mimic real life scenarios

What's next for Dental VR Training Simulator

  • More complex dental procedures
  • Integration with leap motion sensor to provide precise hand movements required to practice dexterity
  • Integration with precise haptic tools to mimic the actual dental tools in VR environment
  • Provide more realistic collision detection to warn the user when he/she affects non-infected teeth

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