Dentist had been using digital technology to capture, design and build dental prosthetic for almost 10 years. Dentist can capture 3D models, then use 3d design tools to speedup reconstruction of crowns, bridges, inlays, etc.

During the design process every elements and objects forming a dental cad/cam ecosystem had been analyses (patients mouth, dentist chair and dental laboratory). Dental technicians had always being using visual devices such as microscopes to see details in the design. Freeing their eyes with the pass trough transparency capabilities in the BT-200 is a better for then

Our team had been working together with a few dentist, to design the functionality of the app and develop an innovative and operational 3d dental ecosystem. The feedback is being amazing. Even during the design process by just talking to Dental specialist in reconstruction, we got a lot of WOOW as feedback..

Also we are using development environments with AREL and SLAM to create a more accurate virtual room. Then notify the dentist when any event triggers such as moving the device far away from the allow distances of the patient mouth.

By combining this two applications frameworks and the Moverio BT-200 the dental augmented reality room will provide to very important functions to any dentist saving then a lot of time and money. Automatic measurements of face values and acquisition of 3d dental models. The DAAR will be a unique solution build with the best designers and engineers in the field of digital dentistry. Thank you.

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