Learning a new technology doesn't make sens without a target to reach. We wanted to improve our knowledge about all Azure native services and use them for a real project.

What it does

N-Shores teams need to share information and collaborate through several projects. deNote is a virtual paper board where elements are stickers, can be pinned up and are updated live on all user's screens.

Elements can be Tasks, images, shapes, texts… The application must allow users to see live updates which occurs on an element (move, update of information, deletion…).

People can easily collaborate on multiple projects by separating sticky elements in different and fully customizable boards.

How we built it

After a first step where we built a POC around Azure native development, the team needed a second breath. To get it we had to:

  • Find an sponsor
  • Find and application idea
  • Create a common objective: Technical and functional
  • Define a methodology

Our approach


  • Full cloud native Azure application
  • Implement new services
  • Fix real issue


  • Real usage requires quality
  • All issues have to be fixed
  • Real users give real feedback


  • New functions need new azure services
  • Using new services increase our knowledge level and Experience
  • Change the way of doing things, explore new paths

Key concepts

  • Real-time Shared white board
  • Visual management tool
  • Content aggregator (Jira, Salesforce...)

Challenges we ran into

  • Migrate from angular.js to angular 9
  • Migrate from .net classic to .net core using API management
  • Combine/Handle Azure B2C, Azure AD and Team authentication in the same application
  • Use Azure cognitive services to simplify board initialization

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The application is used in production by many teams within Edifixio.
  • The application is available on teams.

What we learned

  • New languages : Angular / .net Core and how to upgrade
  • How to use Security protocols Oauth2.0 and OpenId connect.
  • Build CI/CD pipelines on Azure DevOps

What's next for deNote

  • Implement Metered billing using the commercial marketplace metering service
  • Improve integration with teams, for example: add the ability to use deNote within a meeting
  • Using a broad user experience, add new use cases and functionalities
  • Get as many feedback as possible to improve deNote.

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