Proactive healthcare is one of the most effective ways of improving public health. We want to expand the capabilities of the patient and the dentist in personal oral care.

What it does

Dennis is a personal dental coach to make oral care easier than ever before. Reliable tracking of dental activities and patient engagement makes health improvement more effective than ever. The intuitive mobile application gives information and personally tailored recommendations on dental care and connects to oral products, such as

  • smart tooth brush
  • intraoral scanner
  • saliva tests
  • teeth correction moulds
  • heart-rate measuring and position tracking bracelet used during visits to the clinic

How we built it

We used design thinking to iterate on the idea with the partner company Planmeca. We built UI mocks in Sketch and made a mobile web application with React. We also acknowledge the possibilities of tracking patients in and out of the clinic predicting care adherence and clinic patient flow, for example.

Challenges we ran into

How to collect medical data for statistical purposes or for building better machine learning based tools is a major hurdle. Being creative about on how to bring value to the patients and care takers from the very start is therefore essential.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud of the design of the app and the possibilities on how we can engage patients in personal care.

What we learned

We learned about the technical challenges that dentists currently face in treating patients and the game changing possibilities that tracking offers for patients and healthcare professionals.

What's next for Dennis

Have more health recording devices connect to the Planmeca Personal platform extends the capabilities for both the patients and dentists to manage oral health. To maximise the participation of dental clinics on the platform, it is key to outline the benefits that in-clinic patient tracking brings.

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