We wanted to create an application that is able to block and send out alerts when our ports are scanned by potential attackes using Nmap.

What it does

DenMap is a program that detects Nmap scans, logs them, and gives alerts to the user. Additionally, the program logs intruder’s IP address, supports whitelists/blacklists, and sends email alerts to the administrator. After a suspect sends too much "shady" traffic to our computer, he or she will be banned by the firewall.

How we built DenMap

DenMap needs Pillow, requests, scapy, and tkinter to run. The application is built to send email alerts to the administrator while logging the data into a text file. The GUI is built to show the IP addresses with geolocation and the taken action affected by the IP address. Besides, the user can add an IP address to the whitelist or blacklist in the GUI. The program will check the input to ensure that it's valid.

Challenges we ran into

  • All members are not familiar with geolocation ipstack API so we spend time learning how to apply it to our project.
  • Nmap and tkinter are new to some of us so it took time to get the code produced.
  • Run and terminate the thread properly.
  • Packet analysis
  • Email and password are entered in the backend code so we need to change it to the GUI. That will allow the user to input their email and password.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're able to block the scan and find the location of the scanner.

What we learned

  • TCP packets
  • Wireshark
  • Ipstack API and its application
  • Create text file and compose emails
  • Send automated email alerts
  • Build a GUI

What's next for DenMap

The next step for DenMap is to detect which type of attack is being executed by the attacker. If we analyze the ethernet traffic in-depth, we will see 5 different attack methods used by Nmap.

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