DeNFT Network is a prime solution for NFTs. We are providing multiple solutions listed below.

  • DeNFT NFTs Collection
  • Buy and Sell NFTs Marketplace
  • Lending and Borrowing NFTs
  • Fractionalize your NFTs with ERC20
  • Buy Crypto from fiat currency

Tech Stack

Supported Networks

We supports below listed networks, you can connect with appropriate network with your wallet

File Storage

** IPFS/Filecoin ** : We have used NFT.Storage for content upload of NFTs which is using IPFS and Filecoin for content addressing.

Buy Crypto

** Transak ** : We have integrated Transak to buy crypto using fiat currency. Transak accepts payments by credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

Live at

Demo Video

Future Work

  • Swap ERC20 of Fractional NFTs by adding liquidity to Uniswap.
  • Lending and Borrowing for Fractional NFTs.
  • Dutch Auction & Airdrop for Fractional NFTs.
  • Better User Experience.
  • Support for other networks and wallets.

Deployed Addresses

Updated Soon

Built With

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