In light of recent elections and the significant lack of voter participation, we became curious about how to get the younger generation (but as old as 25) engaged in politics.

What it does

In this bitcamp we were able to develop three major features:

Billboard - We gathered the top five most trending bills that are getting pushed through congress. On a very public scale and in a way that current legislators can see, we implemented a system for users to give a simplified public opinion on certain bills. Don't worry, if you have a more articulated opinion, the next feature is for you!

Forum - This tool gives you a safe and respectful outlet for your political opinion. We've not only gathered trending bills, but also have included "hot topic" pages for the current most controversial topics that people are heated about.

Legislators - We've added a tool in which you can find who represents YOU in both the house of representatives and the senate.

How we built it

The project was divided into three parts, one for each of our team members: web scraping/data collection, Front end, and Back end development.

Challenges we ran into

Most of us have not built a web application before, therefore we ran into a lot of problems involving asynchronous js functions, promises, and NoSQL querying. Cameron ran into issues involving regular expressions, Akash had a steep learning curve for bootstrap.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The interface is intuitive, the backend is fully supported with a query-able database, and we had a large collection of reliable data to support our information.

What we learned

Preparing an idea before hand is the move.

What's next for

We plan on expanding all of the features mentioned above, while also including a messaging system for authenticated users.

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