Inspiration: Inspired by modern smart technologies such as the Internet of Things to revolutionize the way Dominion Energy provides for their customers and introduce their new app.

Where we start: People from Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania depend on Dominion energy for everyday needs. The topic is MyDominion application. We are choosing to pitch this idea based off of collective data analysis, problem and solution, and simply to introduce something new to the modern day world. To explain what MyDominion is and how it could make everyday life easier for whom may be involved. Young adults and college students tend to live life on the go, but one thing no matter what their cellphones for sure is always handy. Cell Phones today are used for everything from daily entertainment to such things that is much more important and a little more complex such as education and paying bills.

What it does: The MyDominion app is a platform used to help bring energy consumption, electricity bills, and power outage maps to the customer within the touch of a button. In addition DEMSI, a physical model used to track energy usage and provide automatic pings to energy stations, it is used as a companion for the app. DEMSI is placed within your house, and sensors the electrical supply of the entire house; if a power outage occurs, using the data connection of the MyDominion app with DEMSI, Dominion Energy is notified immediately -- resulting in faster response rates to areas without power.

How it’s built: For the MyDominion app, the prototype was developed using Fluid-UI for graphic capabilities. The DEMSI physical prototype was created with Solidworks, Arduino, LCD, C++, and 3D printing.

Challenges we ran into: Challenges we ran into include prototyping the model using 3D Printing, utilizing Arduino Software and understanding it’s capabilities to demo, prices of the DEMSI product, understanding DEMSI’s need/demand, and graphically implementing our vision of the MyDominion App.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: The accomplishments made were identifying some of the problems that Dominion Energy had regarding connecting customers to their services. We were able to conceptualize an app that brought the great services that Dominion Energy provided to a mobile app, and add features that are new and modern for their customers. In introducing DEMSI, we utilized 3D Printing to showcase and physically conceptualize the top panel of the device. We were able to render some of the part files to visualize its expected final product, and use Arduino, a program we are not too familiar with, to output a preliminary example of DEMSI’s capabilities.

What we learned: As a team comprised of Mechanical engineers and businessmen we really had to work on our communication skills. Being able to properly convey and understand the two different sides of the same coin to one another was a real challenge and really was a taste of what the real world can be like. In addition to this, we learned a lot about really revolutionizing an already established traditional style company and making it a fresh, modern experience for the consumers. In the end, we learned how to effectively work on a team with a very short deadline to create and flesh out a new product and application.

What's next for DEMSI: The future for is bright for DEMSI, there are several ways to expand upon the product including linking it to the rest of a buildings systems allowing for remote controlling of electric appliances. As well as being able to monitor and adjust the specific power consumption of different appliances. Furthermore, DEMSI’s consumption monitoring systems could be further expanded into even show the breakdown of how much of what kind of energy you’re using. Eventually, DEMSI could replace our current smart meters completely. Cosmetic changes could be made as well in later iterations; adjusting to a touch screen interface that is more attuned to contemporary technology.

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