Easily participate in Democracy on the moonbeam ecosystem from your mobile.

Using DemocraDot

The project solves the current problem a lack of participation in onchain governance. To gain true adoption the governance model needs to be moved into the hands of the user wherever they are. By notifying the user of the latest referendums and proposals and allowing the them to vote on a current referendum, engagement within the community can be increased dramatically.

The project achieves the following: We have developed the initial stages of a proof of concept allowing the user to connect with a Metamask wallet and submit their votes and conviction..

Further enhancements that are almost completed include the use of push notifications to inform the user of the latest developments on the Governance platform and updates on the status of closing and ongoing referenda. .

Further Information

Use of the Subquery Indexer: A Subquery Project has been developed to track all essential events and extrinsics on the Democracy pallet.

Smart Contracts: A smart contract has been developed for channel management of notifications of Democracy events and Extrinsics. A dedicated governance web server control a channel containing subscribers interested in Governance related Push Notifications. A dedicated central server is responsible for sending the Push notifications to the Governance channel whilst encrypting their mobile device tokens.

Created for the Connected Contracts Hackathon by Moonbeam 2022:

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