Do you seek to bypass monopolies in favor of direct producer-to-consumer trade ? To move from central governments to autonomous decision-making ? To transition from long-distance supply chains to local food systems ? To replace systems of dependency with ones of empowerment ? To lift big power constraints on local communities ?

What it does

Democracy Studio counter the ongoing economic recession by deploying an in-sourced crypto economy from direct trades and decisions taken by localities. By giving the users a universal basic income in crypto currency HH and deploying a quadratic voting system, Democracy Studio allows the users to tackle both the representative democracy and the liberal economy problems.

How I built it

Each user will receive 1 token every hour (basic income). They will be able to win more by selling products/services with added value. They will be able to buy more credit. The price of 1 token will be the square of the quantity : 1 token = 1 $, 2 token = 4$, 5 token = 25$. This quadratic system makes a self-regulation to avoid the wealthiest to theft the market shares and the decision-making to the poorest.

Challenges I ran into

In this theory, it will be stupid to stock goods, because it will cost much more than simply buy what you need at the time you need it and it will be stupid to develop an intermediary position. Producers and consumers, or buyers and sellers, can continue to trade directly without assuming extra-costs of intermediaries or other monopolistic positions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It will generate a new social contract between the economy, the politic and the people. A self-regulated social security for localities worldwide on a healthy and sustainable basis.

What I learned

It sounds like a utopia, but the technology already exists to make these aims an everyday reality.

What's next for Democracy Studio

Partnering with a Municipality, a Residential Condominium or a Shopping Mall.

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