We kept throwing around bad ideas until one became good. The project was initially about having a community radio play on a dorm room floor. This idea then turned into a wider community oriented playlist of music that people could be able to add to. This would allow a lot of people to come together based shared interests in music.

What it does

The main part of our project involves a playlist hosted in a firebase that allows people to go to a central radio "station" and vote for songs to play. There is always a currently playing song and people can add suggestions or vote on existing ones. This way people can listen to wha they want to listen to in a more social way. We use HTML5 video tags to enable concurrent playing for everying listening.

How We built it

We used Firebase to host the voting system, song names, and time count. We used Linode to host the server with apache and php where we can run the website from. We then coded everything else to be set up the way we needed to in order to be community driven.

Challenges We ran into

Our biggest challenge was learning Firebase and hooking jquery into it, so that our database updated live. We then ran into problems with showing the updated vote count in real time, but eventually we managed to get it working. did not cooperate, and we signed up for a domain but somehow we never get access to it. We ran into really big challenges for music access and so we used demo videos for a proof-of-concept.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are really proud of how far and responsive our website really is. We finished implementing the live voting system and a lot of the UI, and how we were able to control where the video started based on when someone joined a station. We are also really proud of how well our hosting worked and how we were able to incorporate Firebase for really straightforward database management.

What We learned

We learned that a lot of things don't work as planned but as long as you keep hammering away and looking for different solutions, you can eventually find what you need.

What's next for Democracy Jukebox

We would like to implenent a geo-ip based limiter for the stations that one would see when they look for stations, as well as bug-fixing.

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