The question of what's the ROI when using Augmented Reality

What it does

The app informs on different use case scenarios and different tools using videos and interactive audio

How I built it

Thinking like a user, coding like a skateboarder.

Challenges I ran into

For mass adoption, mobile devices are the choice (no stereoscopic without cardboard, etc)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

3D sculpture: really fun, getting AI to interface with Unity, getting better at retraining neural networks

What I learned

AI classification is all about the data (with labels) AR can save time when onboarding (ROI at scale) AR can be a legitimate 3d authoring tool AR with 6 Degrees of Freedom (including positioning) does show off 3d models well without headsets.

What's next for Demo2020

Keep developing the code, (source code is available) to help with the AR learning curve

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