I've got this inspiration from using materialize packages of react.

What it does

The packages I've used to build this project is simply giving a creative interface.

How we built it

To build this creative UI I need a lot of packages installed in my react app. Those are: 1)materialize-CSS 2) mdi-fonts 3) sass 4)react-helmet 5) react-router-dom Firstly, in my index.js file, I imported all the packages and files. Then I add the router path of the component. I named the component home.js and inside that, I create the Fragment of the code. Make the styling using sass files. make the separate components for images and set variables. Then I create a GitHub repository, add files to that repository, make a commit, push and then deploy my react app.

Challenges we ran into

Yes, several times I've run into challenges. Many times got errors for not perfectly creating components. Many times I got the error for adding JSX wrongly in the file. For that, I go through the documentation of JSX and got the solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Yes, I'm very much proud of myself that I'm able to create a creative interface.

What we learned

I've learnt to build a creative interface.

What's next for

It's a creative interface and I want to add more packages to make it more creative and lively.

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