I've got this inspiration while attending the events of local hack day.

What it does

This is a simple multilingual translation app that can translate to different languages.

How we built it

I've first learnt i18next js to translate using react js. I go through the documentation that is available on link and then apply those in my project.

Challenges we ran into

My first challenge was to include all the dependencies into the JSON file and then import all the packages. After the 3rd time, my script runs succesfully. After that, I need to create separate JSON files for all the different languages in locales. Then I add the keys to lookup languages using order: [ 'navigator', 'htmlTag', 'path', 'subdomain'],

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Yes, I'm very proud of this project because I was able to translate in four different languages those are English, Bengali, Hindi, Chinese and Korean.

What we learned

I've learned to translate using react app.

What's next

Next is to create a react application that can translate more languages.

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