Living in the Internet of Things, it would be awesome if your house was aware of the time of the day, could control the lights and play music according to our mood. Our team wanted to tackle a forthcoming problem that was introduced with the inclusion of smart devices on everyday homes; it is for people who are not technology savvy to configure and use these devices.

With the introduction of new smart features, some devices are harder to install and use. Moreover, each device comes with its own application requiring the user to switch each time you need to control a device. And that’s where CentralFuse comes in. CentralFuse delivers a new platform that will be able to centralize the control of all the devices and simplify the process of installing a new device, drag-and-dropping control features, providing home integration through your mobile phone. CentralFuse will also enable users to receive notifications of unauthorized access, unlocking your house for your guest, adjusting the overall temperature before your arrival, switching off the light after leaving your house. In the future, we want to be able to integrate CentralFuse with machine-learning to adjust locations of the use, control appliances of the house.

CentralFuse will also offer reminders in regularly scheduled tasks : taking different types of recycling out, sending alerts to emergency services using certain combination, keeping devices in sync and receiving notifications when the commercial ends.

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