As a group, we were motivated to learn a couple new skills: 1) Gain familiarity with SQL, and an understanding of its purpose. 2) Learn to use Ruby, and build something with it!

What it does

Sign up, log in, and then answer a few questions about your day: 1) Did you shower? 2) How many hours of sleep did you get? 3) How many minutes of exercise did you get?

How I built it

Front end: HTML/CSS/Javascript Framework: Ruby/Sinatra Backend: MySQL

Challenges I ran into

We opted to use Sinatra, since it's simpler than Rails. However, since it's not very widely used, we had trouble finding resources to help us out with connecting the MySQL and the Sinatra.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned new skills, and worked with technology that was totally new to us!

What I learned

Use technologies that are familiar to mentors, so that they can support you with it!

What's next for Demeter

Connecting the database, having the ability to post to it.

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