Demeter is an awesome hack that smashes together data sets and attempts to detect correlation. Demeter is the Greek Goddess of Agriculture, so our original plan was to plot commodities and futures versus weather, climate, and demographic data. As Sheyn and I gained more exposure to the API, we noticed some really interesting correlations. We decided to include as much data from Quandl as possible and to give the user complete control over data comparison and visualization.

Our target users include the curious, however we realize that with enough refinement (and access to higher-quality, real-time data), results produced by our hack can be used to influence and inform trading decisions. Aggregating our data, rough as it is, can also provide insight into things such as the market (systematic) risk of a portfolio or the effects of a growing population sizes versus stagnating literacy levels.

We are pleased with the outcome of our project and are very thankful for the availability of free information-rich libraries such as Quandl.

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