FuzionApps is excited to present DeMerchant - a peer to peer mobile wallet app for the Royal Canadian "MintChip" Challenge. DeMerchant supports the iOS platform and is currently available in both French and English.

DeMerchant allows users to buy whatever they want, wherever they are, whenever they want. To support fiscally responsible users, it has budget and spending forecast features to support keeping users within their spending budgets. In addition, users can send payments on-demand and on a scheduled basis, locally and remote. To track spending over time, users can export a debit and credit report.

Examples of how and when DeMerchant can be used include: 1) At trade shows, 2) For children's allowance, 3) When paying for lawn service, 4) For paying the babysitter, 5) When submitting church donations, 6) When paying for lunch - your lunch or the kids at school, etc...the list goes on.

With DeMerchant, as long as both parties have a MintChip and DeMerchant, there are not limits.

View our presentation at: http://www.youtube.com/my_videos_edit?ns=1&feature=vm-privacy&video_id=mit5b8og5XE

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