Translation doesn't quite work for English Language Learners (ELLs.) If a student doesn't understand a concept in their native language, then translating the word doesn't help at all. demdi sets out to translate abstract concepts into concrete terms to improve comprehension for ELLs

What it does

demdi allows teachers to turn documents into translatable concepts maps for English Language Learners (ELLs).

Say Ms. Jones is teaching photosynthesis to her 6th graders. She notices that Ranvi, an ELL in her class, is struggling with his homework.

No reason to fear! Ms. Jones uses demdi. She uploads a worksheet on photosynthesis to demdi. Instantly, concept map that connects photosynthesis to plants, sun and energy appears. Ranvi logs on to demdi and see a new map with simple words he recognizes. "Sun starts photosynthesis.", "photosynthesis makes energy for plants." "Energy?" says Ranvi. He double-clicks the word and it becomes ऊर्जा. "Oh, energy!"

Ranvi now understands photosynthesis and feels like he can learn anything . Ms. Jones can use the time she's saved on making documents and doing translations to support Ranvi and his classmates.

How I built it

The backend uses a MEAN stack, Google Vision and Translate APIs to get test from worksheets and translate important element Concept Net API to decide and create connections between the concept and the terms

Challenges I ran into

How do we monetize this idea? What do we offer for free and when do we switch to a paid service? What metrics are valuable for teachers, education services, and language learners? How do we get penetrate public school, which are less likely to buy products and services?

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figuring out Google Vision API Pivoting on the business model Getting a working website set up

What I learned

This service can be used for non-ELL students. It would help with students who have trouble reading large paragraphs or texts or who are visual learners.

What's next for demdi

We hope to expand our functionality to allow teachers to share lesson plans and their associated concepts mappings with each other. We also want to add audio-visual for students who may not be able to read in English or in their native language.

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