In today's, Corona Virus outbreak , analyzing the requirement and necessity of different Hospitals and Healthcare centre can be really tedious . Demand-Visualizer is a web application that is made using python and basic Exploratory Data Analysis ,to visualize the tons of Data daily generated efficiently and thus improving user health care experience .

What it does

It can eliminate any errors and , Style Bar Charts Dynamically and Overall Dashboard helps in extracitng useful insights machine learning algorithms used for analysis are Principal Component Analysis and Variational Autoencoder.

How we built it

I built this website using python and CSS. Each segment has its own unique code and styling.

More details

All the holistic details can be found in the GitHub repo on

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It prevents starvation of high-resource demanding healthcare center by visual analysis of system and thus it facilitates in managing up the resources.

The model is pretty good and is able to generate relevant and meaningful interactive visuals which sound realistic.

What we learned

Throughout the development of this project, we learned so much. Going into it, we learned about neural networks, machine learning, Exploratory Data Analysis, as well as practical skills . Most of all, we learned that through perseverance and determination, you can make progress towards helping to solve problems in the world, even if you don't initially think you have the resources or knowledge.

What's next for Demand-Visualizer

we wish to further develop our model and make it more functional to healthcare Data Analyst in order for them to use it with ease. We plan on working on this project further in the next 2 months and make this website accessible for anyone to use.

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