After the COVID-19 epidemic settles down, many people will be eager to find new and exciting events and activities to explore. Businesses are always seeking to expand and reach more people, so what if we provide a platform to connect these businesses to activity-hungry consumers? Delve bridges the gap.

What Delve does

Delve allows new and soon-to-be trending businesses and recreational sites to get the word out in a unique way! The application shows users a wide selection of attractions they can check out that are near their location, and if they are interested, they can hit the like button! Other users will be doing the same, and all users can see others nearby who have also liked the same attractions through the Delve app. People can connect through the app and organize outings to check out these new attractions together, bring people together while giving smaller businesses a chance to spread the word about what they have to offer.

How we built it

This application was built primarily on XCode using the Swift language.


In the demo, the username and password if required, are the following:

Challenges we ran into

  • It was a challenge defining the whole business model of the application. There were so many things to keep in consideration such as the following: what type of businesses we were targeting, how people would connect, possibilities for profit, etc. However, with proper discussion, we were able to successfully come up with a plan we were satisfied with.

  • Especially for this particular Hack, effective communication was difficult in some stages because we were limited to online Zoom calls to discuss plans and give updates. We felt that we would work a lot more effectively in person, but we pushed through this and produced a satisfying final project.


We are proud of being able to complete the project in the time allotted. Without being physically with each other to talk things over, be sleep-deprived, and communicate in person, completing the project was quite a feat.

What we learned

We have all learned the importance of communicating effectively using whatever means necessary to be able to get projects done on time. Working together remotely can be difficult, and we will take what we learned here in order to do better work on remote projects in the future. In addition, we have learned a lot of technical skills and tricks in regards to harnessing Swift to power a product with lots of potential.

What's next for Delve

  • Business sponsorships
  • Easy access for businesses to join the platform
  • Realtime user chatting

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