Creators: Neal Malhotra, Avik Belenje, Nikhil Mathihalli

Welcome! This is our medical project submission for the September 26-27 DeltaX Hackathon.

In this project, we aimed to create a website that uses a combination of Machine Learning, APIs, and python code. We used a few languages which includes python, HTML, and javascript. We used python and a little bit of javascript for the backend part of the website. Backend is the part of the website where all of the inputs are actually processed. For example, if you clicked a button on a website, it wouldn't do anything without backend code telling it to perform an action when the button is pressed. We then used HTML for all the frontend, which is making all the things appear on the page.

But what actually is our project? Well, our project is aimed to help primary care physicians and patients alike. It lets patients be pre-diagnosed, saving doctors and patients time. This is useful because 20% of all COVID cases are caught in hospitals, so it is understandable why people want to avoid going to one, or if they have to, to spend as little time as possible.

To run our project, clone the repo and open it in visual studio code. In the built-in terminal of visual studio code type, "python """ or if that doesn't work "python3 """. In the terminal, it should give a link to the website which can be used to your will! The link given will be a string of numbers.

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