Our Inspiration

We sought to create an affordable solution to the problem of note-sharing. Many times, we have been unable to find affordable solutions to this problem. Thus, we decided to create our own. We perceived this as a means of solving this problem while simultaneously teaching ourselves some facets of web development.

Our Target User

We built the student to be useful for the average student. Operating the site requires no technical knowledge, and we took care to make the instructions clear. The interface is minimalistic and simple, and can be learned in a very short amount of time, in recognition of the fact that our website is merely a tool for the use of students, and thus should be as easy to learn and use as possible.

Key Features That We Are Most Proud Of

  1. One part of this project which we felt particularly invested in was the file upload feature. Given that most of our team had little to no experience with building this feature into websites, we were surprised when it was the first feature that was successfully implemented.

  2. The entire task felt like a significant accomplishment, due to the very minimal experience with web development of a majority of the group. They learned a great deal over the course of the 24 hours, and progressed from being completely unable to develop web programs to a state where they felt comfortable writing very small web programs on their own. However, it was also a learning experience for the rest of the group, who had prior experience with web development. Although they had previously built small web applications, it had been several years since they did so, and the project was a very welcomed opportunity to both learn new skills and hone their existing ones.

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