With the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain-based platforms, the global financial landscape is experiencing change at an unprecedented rate, with daily breakthrough innovations. As a result, interest is shifting from traditional centralized financial products to ones that offer more control and flexibility without relying on intermediaries to dictate the rules imposed by such centralized exchanges.

DeltaFi is pushing this space forward with our novel design and technologies, ushering in a new era of decentralized exchanges. We are building the world’s most efficient automated market maker (AMM) on Solana and innovating the space with intelligent AMM design.

What it does

Solving the AMM Trilemma — Price Slippage, Divergent Loss, and an Inefficient Market:

● Traders suffer from price slippage, especially for large trade orders, due to the mechanical nature of the Constant Product Curve. To reduce price slippage, a considerable amount of token capital is required to be deposited into the pool, leading to low capital efficiency.

● Divergent Loss occurs when liquidity providers lose their deposited capital in the long run due to inefficient pricing. For example, in a crypto market with volatile asset prices, the prices governed by the Constant Product Curve can be very different from the asset prices in centralized exchanges like Coinbase. Arbitrageurs attempt to resolve this issue but still fall short, which leads to liquidity loss.

● When professional market makers cannot leverage their in-house market-making solutions, an inefficient market emerges. Compared with these professional market-makers’ tools, the Constant Product Curve is merely a dummy solution that quantitative traders and hackers can easily exploit.

An Intelligent AMM — Our AMM algorithm governs the price with internal and external markets as inputs. Bounded Liquidity Risk — We’ve created a Volatility Index to mitigate the immense capital risks for liquidity providers. Simply put, an LP can specify their risk tolerance levels when depositing using our bounded liquidity risk solution — the higher the risk tolerance, the higher the fees.

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How I built it

We consist of world-class blockchain and machine-learning engineers, crypto-native marketers, and designers with a keen eye for the best user experience. We’re expanding rapidly, so check out our open careers on our site if you’re interested in joining us to tackle the next frontier in DeFi. The team is from Facebook, Uber, Google, Amazon, and

What's next for DeltaFi

Mainnet launch!!

Built With

  • rust
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