In an attempt to answer RLSolutions's Hack Challenge to innovate new ways to incentivize patients to stick to diet and nutrition plans, Delta Diet was created with this challenge in mind!

What it does

Delta Diet is an app that allows users to track their daily intake of macros: calories, carbs, fat, protein, and much more! Each time you log an item, you earn points! But be careful of logging too many food items. If you go over the recommended daily intake of certain macros or the custom amount as recommended by your doctor/nutritionist, then you start to LOSE points as well! It's a constant battle between earning points by logging more items versus eating healthy and making sure not to go over your target!

How we built it

Delta Diet was built with Android Studio!

Challenges we ran into

As first time users of Android Studio, getting the project set up was the hardest challenge! The 24 hour time-limit did not allow for much time to explore all the features either. Nonetheless, we persevered.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We simplified the back-end by pulling condensed data from a text-file! We do have functions that auto-update based on the amount of items you choose. Additionally, we're quite proud of the system of point distribution that we've based our "gamification" of the typical app interface.

What we learned

We learned how to use Android Studio! We also became more familiar with Java in writing back-end for applications.

What's next for Delta Diet

Not all of the features we were brainstorming were easy to apply to the project! If we had the time and capabilities, DD would set up a "store" of cool items and collectibles that users would be able to buy with the points that they've collected through repeated, and proper, use of the application. We would also implement "penalties" and "accomplishments" based on how close the users came to their goals and how long their streaks are.

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