Having never flown with Delta Airlines I found it really cool that they have onboard WiFi and video streaming services, when I heard that they didn't have an app I decided I should make one for them and add a few extra features.

What it does

Delta Care acts as both an informative app, making sure the user aboard any Delta flight aware that they have access to free WiFi and streaming services, and a trip planning app. The app has two main parts, the inflight part and the preflight/postflight part.

In the inflight part the user is prompted to take a short survey, powered by Qualtrics, which finds out the user's age, gender, if their flight has been up to their standards, and asks if they knew their flight had WiFi and video streaming capabilities. After the survey is completed the user is given links to the video streaming service.

In the preflight/postflight part of the part, the user is prompted to enter their flight destination, place of departure, time or arrival, and time of departure so that the app can best find the cheapest possible Delta Airlines ticket and in addition help them book the cheapest hotel, car rental, and entertainment packages while at their destination. Making the job of a travel agent, obsolete.

How I built it

Not having the sufficient skills to build a fully functional app, especially on my own, I utilized the power to fluidUI to demo the look of the app I envisioned. In the app mockup I included the links to the APIs I utilized and survey that I made so that when I can build the app down the road I have all the necessary information and data to include in it.

Challenges I ran into

Not being much of a coder, I ran into the challenges of building an app of the complexity that I wanted to build. I tried multiple routes to produce this app from using python and Django, to using Parse. Not having a partner and being dedicated to this project didn't help me either.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though I may not have produced an functional app, I'm proud that I was able to continue working and built the framework for an app that at least intrigued the members of Expedia, Qualtrics, and Delta Air. I'm also happy to say that I now know what APIs are and how to better use them, that I got to talk one-on-one with the members of the companies I was building this framework for, that I attended several workshops, and get to try new and innovative technologies.

What I learned

I learned that although I might not be a decent coder, that there are still ways for me to showcase my ideas. I didn't know of FluidUI before I came here. I also didn't know much about Hackathons, or CTFs, or how many cool and interesting people there are at Hackathons. I'm really happy I came out, but next time I'll brush up on my app build skills beforehand!

What's next for Delta Care

During the school year, regardless of its commercial adoption, I will learn how to better make apps and continue to build its real functionality on iOS and android. Who knows maybe it'll catch on!

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