The real inspiration of this project were two Delta agents who pushed me to pursue this old class project that was once in a PowerPoint. I approached their table while I was walking around getting to know the sponsors, and they introduced me to one of their challenges: redesigning the business traveler's experience. Not event five minutes later, I was already pitching them an old class project that I've developed about a year ago. Their faces were like illuminated, and that's when I knew this was something that I should pursue. "You are up to something good," they told me.


Web prototype.

What problem does it solve?

Waste of time and paper when an employee has to justify or get a reimbursement of his or her business trip.

What it does

Delta Business aims to make the business travel experience seamless, both for the employer and the employee. With this new business unit, Delta is redesigning the journey of their passengers and customers to bring them more value at the time of pick an airline.

*For the sake of the hackathon and its time constraints, I including a landing page to pick if you like to see the employee or employer interphase. Once the project is built, I will identify users by their log-ins.

First, the employer sets the budget, destination, and timeframes according to the project details. Now, the employee is able to see the budget that he/she has allocated, book the plane ticket and book the hotel thanks to Delta partners. The day of the trip is here. Thanks to different APIs, the employee can get their Uber, pay at the grocery store, check in at the hotel, and all the receipts are sent to the employee interface, who is able to see live reports of the trip and the miles the company has accumulated as a whole.

How I built it

I first planned what the two interphases looked like, and the jumped on Wix to bring the idea to life.

Challenges I ran into

I recruited three developers. One with web developer experience and two with mobile experience. Throughout the weekend, we spent hours just trying to get on the same page; it was minus six hours to submission and I haven't seen anything of their code actually working, an interphase or anything, so I decided to take a risk and work by myself. The decision was based on the fact that I rather have something concrete to demo, rather than a technical spinal cord without anything around it.

The second challenge was to connect the domain between Wix and

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having two websites that explain my concept without having to explain "what something should look like," and a landing page connecting them both.

What I learned

  • To pick my team before the hackathon or in the first hour. By 2am all the good programmers are taken.
  • Trusting my intuition
  • Taking risks

Built With

  • passion
  • tons-of-encourament-from-other-people
  • wix
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